30 Week Program

about the program

Students in the year-long program have Momentum class once a week in their school gymnasium. Two teachers and a piano accompanist engage the students in movement, music, and choreography, using dance to teach self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence through positive reinforcement, encouragement, and engaging children to think creatively. They concentrate on “The Big Four”, which are “do my best, work hard, never give up, and be healthy.”

“The Big Four”

do my best

work hard

give up

be healthy

The Year-End Performance is the culminating event that displays the hard work and dedication of more than 850 students performing on a professional stage in front of a live audience. The theme of the show is integrated in the Momentum curriculum from the very first day of the school year. Past show themes include; Imagine, about John Lennon, The Beatles, and the 1960s; Wonderful Einstein, about Albert Einstein and the power of imagination; One World, One Water, about our global water crisis and the environment; and many more.

  • “I have witnessed children tap into their undiscovered talents that now push them toward new exciting paths. Momentum has provided the opportunity for students that will impact them as they grow and develop.”

    —Theresa Eraybar, Principal, Eakin Elementary School
  • “When I was first introduced to Momentum, I thought it was just going to be a one-time thing the school wanted us to do. Well, I was wrong. Momentum made me interested in this style of art. It has truly opened my mind to dance, and today, I am thankful for that.”

    —Joey, Team XO