Chance to Dance

about the program

Chance to Dance is currently offered to elementary children with autism, physical disabilities, and/or visual impairments. This program provides children the opportunity to dance and perform to live music. It is centered on the power of the arts to enhance children’s lives. For some, the program may be their first meaningful participation in the arts and in particular, dance and performance. Chance to Dance is delivered as a residency that consists of eight to ten weekly classes occurring during the school day, culminating in a performance which celebrates each dancer’s unique talents and achievements.

meet the Chance to Dance staff

  • “We love this program, it is very special to our family. Andrew’s older brother did Momentum as well. He had a lot of motor challenges and the instructors worked so well with him.”

    –Ellen, Momentum Parent
  • "Momentum has been my happy place! Every kid should have the chance to do Momentum."

    –Asha, Momentum Dancer
  • "The lesson I learned was to be yourself. Everyone is a star in their own way. That means you can do anything you put your mind to if you try."

    –Evangee, Momentum Dancer