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If you’re a principal, teacher, or parent, you can start the conversation about bringing Momentum to your school. Momentum works closely with principals and teachers in public, private, and charter schools in central Ohio through four unique programs. Learn more about our in-school programs below, then fill out the contact form to get the conversation started.

30-Week Program

As demand for Momentum continues to grow, schools are currently added to a waitlist for the popular 30-Week Program. Fourth graders are the primary age group served, and students participate in the Year-End Performances at the Davidson Theatre. Availability may be open again for the 2018-2019 school year.


You can bring a residency to your school at any time, based on mutual availability. Momentum can customize an in-school residency for your students, second grade to fifth grade, for 4 to 13 weeks. Start and end dates are flexible, including into the summer. Students give an in-school showcase performance at the end of the residency for parents and community members.

Early Learners

Momentum is currently developing an Early Learners Program for pre-K children, and is available for 4-week in-school residencies.

Chance to Dance

A new pilot program in 2017, Chance to Dance is specifically designed for children with autism, who have visual impairments, or who are wheelchair users.

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