Stevie: Life in the Key of Wonder

about the show

Through dance, music, and performance, more than 850 central Ohio children will tell the story of Stevie Wonder’s childhood, smash success, activism, and his influence on artists today.

All performances are free! No advance tickets required. Seats available on a first come, first served basis. Doors open a half hour before showtimes.

Performance Details

May 10 & 12, 2017

10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m.
Davidson Theatre
(formerly Capitol Theatre)
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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participating schools

  • Columbus City Schools

    Clinton Elementary
    Principal: Carmen Graff
    School Teachers: Keith Beveridge, Dana Durdil, Melissa Taylor

    Eakin Elementary
    Principal: Theresa Eraybar
    School Teachers: Julie Deshuk, Beth Marsh

    East Columbus Elementary
    Principal: Jaime Spreen
    School Teachers: Michele Walton, Robin Roberson

    Georgian Heights Alternative
    Principal: Nakita Smoot
    School Teachers: Beth Connell, Mira Cremeans, Jennifer Kasiak, Kelly Null

    Indian Springs Elementary
    Principal: Lisa Adams
    School Teachers: Christy Ellis, Patrick Fath, Sherri Mitko

    Lindbergh Elementary
    Principal: Annette Tooman
    School Teachers: Kristine Casper, Lori Nageotte, Susan Philips


  • Maize Elementary
    Principal: Nikki Cavinee
    School Teachers: Annette Michael, Cheri Whipps

    Parkmoor Elementary
    Principal: Charmaine Campbell
    School Teachers: Deborah Mosko, Nancy Wilson

    Windsor STEM Academy
    Principal: Latasha Bah
    School Teachers: Robert Brown, Jennifer Moore, Elizabeth Reeder, R. Nutter

    Hilliard City Schools

    Horizon Elementary
    Principal: Hilary Sloat
    School Teachers: Ashley Carroll, Stephanie Force, Kelly Infield, Ann Richards

    Ridgewood Elementary
    Principal: Tara Grove
    School Teachers: Lana Dryer, Lisa Force, Ron Marshall, Rosalyn Quaranta

  • Scioto Darby Elementary
    Principal: Tamar Campbell-Sauer
    School Teachers: Nicole Braet, Kathryn Ehle, Renee Pappas

    Charter Schools

    United Preparatory Academy – State
    Principal: Ben Pacht
    School Teachers: Veda Chokshi

    KIPP Columbus
    Principal: Ashley Ferguson
    School Teachers: Erica Goldberg, Ghofran Miari

creative team

  • Janine Lawson

    Co-Show Producer

  • Luke Homes

    Co-Show Producer

  • Stefan Farrenkopf

    Show Writer

  • Rachel Osmena

    Costumes and Props Manager

  • Phil Brown Dupont

    Front-of-House Manager

  • Leah Frankel

    Production Manager

  • “[Momentum’s Year-End Performance was] the most empowering and validating student arts performance I have seen while in my position as state arts consultant…The engagement, focus, and spirited determination to perform their best was clear with every single student on stage, whatever his or her ability level. The sheer artistry of dance blended with visuals and music was incredible. I celebrate you and all the Momentum dancers for what you worked together to achieve for and with our young people!”

    —Nancy Pistone, Ohio Department of Education
  • “James has expanded as a person while being a part of Momentum. He has learned to give and to receive with the entire group. He is provided with the opportunity to master his weaknesses and expand his strengths. He is exposed to different ideas, styles, cultures and beliefs. He is encouraged supported, and mentored. ‘I have watched him fly and safely land. He is guided and protected in Momentum’s hands.’”

    —James’ guardian
  • “The Momentum performance was amazing! I loved the staff dance. It was funny! The teachers and staff can really dance. They surprised me because I’ve never seen my teachers dance before. The lesson I learned from Momentum is that you can be you. Everyone can dance, even if you think you can’t. Don’t let people judge you, just shine on the stage!”

    —Kiera, Momentum student

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