Team XL

about the program

Members of Team XL attend Sunday rehearsals in the spring at the BalletMet studios downtown to learn more challenging choreography and additional pieces that are performed in the Year-End Show. Free to parents, students are offered scholarships based on performance, passion, and discipline. They also have the opportunity to attend the summer program, Momentum University, and can continue with Momentum the following year as a part of Team XO.

meet the team xl staff

Janine Lawson

Managing Artistic Director
XL Lead Instructor

Micaela Gonzalez

Lead Instructor
XL Assistant Instructor

Phil Brown Dupont

XL Accompanist

Luke Holmes

Music Director
XL Accompanist

  • “My older sister was in Momentum and I was so excited to be a part of it. I finally reached 4th grade and had Momentum lessons with my class, then a few months later I was invited to be a part of Team XL. Being on stage was a first for me. It was life-changing. I will never forget it.”

    —Rosa, Team XL & XO
  • “Before Momentum, [my daughter] was not interested in dance at all. But she loves Momentum. It has given her the opportunity to try something new and shows her that to find new passions, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.”

    —Momentum Parent