Team XO

about the program

After a year of Team XL, student dancers can move up to Team XO and continue until 8th grade, when they officially graduate from Momentum. This group rehearses more advanced choreography on Sundays to prepare for the year-end show. Additionally, they have special opportunities to perform with other arts organizations like Harmony Project, Columbus Symphony, and Opera Columbus in Momentum’s Community Dance Troupe.

meet the Team XO staff

  • “Momentum has helped me get out of my shell. Since I have to perform in front of so many people, I have learned to just let it all out and dance.”

    –Robbie, Team XO
  • “Because of Momentum, I get to do fun things like Momentum University, and perform in Twisted 2 and Seraglio. I get to learn dances from professionals like Edward Liang and dance with the BalletMet company dancers. Not everyone does these things in one year!”

    –Team XO Dancer
  • “Now I’m an 8th grader and I’ve been doing this for four years. No matter what, I will never forget all the things Momentum taught me about myself and the world around me.”

    –Havana, Team XO